About us

About us

Who we are?

Aelion-a team of professionals in the field of mobile communication unified with a common goal development and deployment of new mobile devices and gadgets.

Our goal.

Manufacture and introduction of mobile electronics products, which are of the best quality/price ratio.


April 2017-launch of the first models of smartphones Aelion i5 and і7.

March 2018-launching model a300 and Aelion and 500.

2018 plan year.

Expanding the range of mobile phone models and 600 and 700 as well as Smartphones models і3 and і8

Our Advantage.

Quick updates models according to the needs of time.

A large range of mobile phones colors to meet a wide range of customers.

Exchange guarantee of 12 months.

Why we?

Emotional design.

High quality.

Democratic price.

Wide lineup.

Exchange Warranty with transparent conditions.